Spotlight: Dillon Klein

Today is the day! It’s the long awaited blog about Dillon Klein! Dillon is a really great classmate of mine, who has taken all the same courses alongside me and I have to say, he is one smart and talented guy. He really truly enjoys our major and he is right to, because he is going go a long way with it.

I recently talked Dillon, asking him what he has done with digital productions so far and like me, he is in his fourth and final digital productions class, Digital 4, where we have been working on our own 12 minute films and a class film together. Dillons work towards those projects has been instrumental and our successes will have a lot to do with his participation.

Dillon has had several opportunities in the field also. He was a part of Fujikura Composites, where he was a marketing intern, helping make commercials and interviews, some of which were published the digital magazines, Golf Magazine and Golf Digest. Very cool, Dillon! Dillon also had a shadowing gig with the San Diego Padres, in which he helped with corporate sponsorships.

Dillon wishes to further his digital production career and join with a sports team and be apart of a marketing group to help advertise and make promos for the team. Knowing Dillon, he can definitely make that happen.

More next week!

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All things ME!

Hey guys! So I’m coming at you today with a slightly different approach. I decided to talk about a little bit of what I really love about digital production and why I got into it!

It all began 1st semester last year when I randomly decided to take digital production 1, I knew my teacher and I thought, “Why not?”. Well, one thing led to another and I realized that filming and editing a project is so much more fun than writing a paper or working on other kinds of boring projects. Sitting in front of a computer is something I enjoy doing! It was actually really fun, so I decided that it was something I could keep doing. I signed up for more classes the following semester and now I’m going to be graduating with my concentration in digital production! I hadn’t found anything I was passionate about until I starting taking these classes. Now I know this is something I could see myself doing. Which is a really calming feeling.

I haven’t doe much outside of class with it, which is why I’m thrilled to be in Green Owl Productions! Seeing as I’ve only been doing this for a year and almost a half, but I want to keep on making projects and hopefully get a job with editing when I graduate. I strongly recommend students to take a digital production class because it’s really great knowledge to have anyways if you ever are in neeed of a project in relation to digital production. Plus it’s something to put on a resume!

Next week I’ll be talking about all things Dillon! Stay tuned, friends.

Spotlight: Ale Martinez

Green Owl Productions is currently waiting until the next meeting to dive further into our planning for several of our projects, so today I thought I might take some time and give you a closer look at some of our key group members.

Today, the member I wish to shed some light on is Ale Martinez. She is a senior this year at William Woods University and she will unfortunately (for us) be graduating this December. We will be extremely sad to see her go because she is a very talented young woman in the art of digital production. Ale is currently enrolled in Digital Production 4, alongside Dillon Klien and I.  Digital Production 4 is the final class in which you need to finish the digital production concentration.

Ale has only been a digital production student for one full year. She took digital production 1 and quickly grew to love it. She loves how creative she can be with the class and how it’s not a tradtional classroom setting. Ale was able to intern last summer at Lake Life Tv and got real hands experience making/creating footage and projects. She also has an internship set up after she graduates and we are all looking forward to see everything she has in store for her in the future.

Next week I will be spotlighting Dillon Klein! Stay tuned.

– Paige Stewart

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Meetings upon meetings!

Fulton, Mo. – Green Owl Production has landed one of its first projects! We recently discussed with our advisor, Tony Weed, about agreeing to take on a short film project! We agreed to start filming this short on January 17th. It will actually be shot in both the Thurmon Chapel and the Alumni House here on campus! We haven’t recieved the script yet but we are extremely excited to get this experience under our belts! We will be meeting again this friday! 

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Green Owl is taking flight

Fulton, Mo -October 22, 2014- The first official meeting of Green Owl Productions was a success. The organization meet together at 12:00 pm on October 17th to discuss the goals of the group. The first thing we decided was to begin designing and producing flyers and a demo reel from the members of the group that we can showcase when we go to businesses and companies in order to try and gain more clientele. The second thing we decided to do, was to break out of our comfort zone and to really reach out to all kinds of businesses and companies and not to limit ourselves to Fulton. We want to reach out and find people who may have a need or want to have something filmed/produced and let them put that trust in us to get the job done. The 3rd item we discussed was that we have a client out in California who wants to start sending us some of his raw footage and for us to edit and produce his work for him. We spent some time determining how much we would charge for our services and we decided that we would work for $25-$100 dollars per hour depending on the client, workload, and task at hand. Not only are we able to produce film, but we are equipped to do audio, photoshop, and other design techniques. Having said this, we also decided that members of the group would be better at focusing on their strongpoints.

The meeting was a success and we have another next Friday at 12:00 pm, in Kemper Arts to check out what we have come up with in regards to flyers and what businesses we have contacted. We will be working on creating a demo reel with our work next week (before Friday0 so that we have that handy to show our advisor.

I couldn’t be more excited to begin working on our projects and i hope you all reading are looking forward to seeing some of the results of our hard work. When we have the flyers made and demo reel constructed I will do my best to get that out to you all so you can see first hand the type of work we are capable of.

Take it easy, readers.

Paige Stewart

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Extra, extra! Read all about it!

Green Owl Productions is more than ready to get started!

FULTON, Missouri — October 14, 2014 — This is a day Dillon Klein, Ale Martinez, and I have been anxiously awaiting! It’s time for our involvement in Green Owl Productions to become a reality! We will be having our first official meeting THIS week to begin discussing our project line up!

This organization, through hard work and a good amount of blood, sweat, and tears, will try our very best to make high quality films/footage through the requests of our clients needs/wants. What we, as soon to be college graduates, hope to do is build on our connections with the clients we have now and to gain a much greater understanding of our field.

What many people do not know, is that Green Owl Productions is actually a newly resurrected organization that William Woods University once had several years ago, (though under a different name) but due to a decline of digital production students, the organization faltered. Due to the skill level of this years group and more promising digital production majors, we are bringing it back, baby!! One of our very excited key members, Ale Martinez, has stated that what she wants out of the group is to “gain networks through the projects we do for the public.” Green Owl Productions is the organization for you, Ale. She also has stated that she is “most excited to work with sports videos because that’s the field [she] want[s] to go into.” I know we will get a lot of practice with all sorts of fields!

I know from our members and adviser, that we are a skillful and strong group who is more than capable to bring this organization back to life. We are so excited to begin and I hope that many of you will continue to keep up with us to see how we are coming along!

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Here we go!

Hey everyone! This is Paige Stewart coming at you live from the digital production room (Mac Lab) here at William Woods University (located in Kemper for those who don’t know). This is where the all magic happens!

As a digital production major, I guess you could say that this is basically my second home. If I’m ever missing, you know where to find me! I’m most likely buried knee deep in a project, just editing away. But on to the important stuff… Here’s a few things you NEED to know:

1) Green Owl Productions is a brand new organization starting this year at The Woods and we couldn’t be more excited to get it rolling!

2) Our goal is to produce and edit footage/films for clients and anyone interested in the community or on campus!

3) With the projects we work on, we hope to gain awareness towards the film program here… Mostly because no one knows how awesome we are!!

4) Along with trying to expand the film department, we are trying to get more film equipment through payment of the projects we complete from our clients!

Those are just a few things about us as an organization, but don’t worry, there will be many more posts and updates as the semester and organizations gets rolling! Stay tuned!

Yours truly, Paige Stewart