Spotlight: Dillon Klein

Today is the day! It’s the long awaited blog about Dillon Klein! Dillon is a really great classmate of mine, who has taken all the same courses alongside me and I have to say, he is one smart and talented guy. He really truly enjoys our major and he is right to, because he is going go a long way with it.

I recently talked Dillon, asking him what he has done with digital productions so far and like me, he is in his fourth and final digital productions class, Digital 4, where we have been working on our own 12 minute films and a class film together. Dillons work towards those projects has been instrumental and our successes will have a lot to do with his participation.

Dillon has had several opportunities in the field also. He was a part of Fujikura Composites, where he was a marketing intern, helping make commercials and interviews, some of which were published the digital magazines, Golf Magazine and Golf Digest. Very cool, Dillon! Dillon also had a shadowing gig with the San Diego Padres, in which he helped with corporate sponsorships.

Dillon wishes to further his digital production career and join with a sports team and be apart of a marketing group to help advertise and make promos for the team. Knowing Dillon, he can definitely make that happen.

More next week!

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