All things ME!

Hey guys! So I’m coming at you today with a slightly different approach. I decided to talk about a little bit of what I really love about digital production and why I got into it!

It all began 1st semester last year when I randomly decided to take digital production 1, I knew my teacher and I thought, “Why not?”. Well, one thing led to another and I realized that filming and editing a project is so much more fun than writing a paper or working on other kinds of boring projects. Sitting in front of a computer is something I enjoy doing! It was actually really fun, so I decided that it was something I could keep doing. I signed up for more classes the following semester and now I’m going to be graduating with my concentration in digital production! I hadn’t found anything I was passionate about until I starting taking these classes. Now I know this is something I could see myself doing. Which is a really calming feeling.

I haven’t doe much outside of class with it, which is why I’m thrilled to be in Green Owl Productions! Seeing as I’ve only been doing this for a year and almost a half, but I want to keep on making projects and hopefully get a job with editing when I graduate. I strongly recommend students to take a digital production class because it’s really great knowledge to have anyways if you ever are in neeed of a project in relation to digital production. Plus it’s something to put on a resume!

Next week I’ll be talking about all things Dillon! Stay tuned, friends.


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