Spotlight: Ale Martinez

Green Owl Productions is currently waiting until the next meeting to dive further into our planning for several of our projects, so today I thought I might take some time and give you a closer look at some of our key group members.

Today, the member I wish to shed some light on is Ale Martinez. She is a senior this year at William Woods University and she will unfortunately (for us) be graduating this December. We will be extremely sad to see her go because she is a very talented young woman in the art of digital production. Ale is currently enrolled in Digital Production 4, alongside Dillon Klien and I.  Digital Production 4 is the final class in which you need to finish the digital production concentration.

Ale has only been a digital production student for one full year. She took digital production 1 and quickly grew to love it. She loves how creative she can be with the class and how it’s not a tradtional classroom setting. Ale was able to intern last summer at Lake Life Tv and got real hands experience making/creating footage and projects. She also has an internship set up after she graduates and we are all looking forward to see everything she has in store for her in the future.

Next week I will be spotlighting Dillon Klein! Stay tuned.

– Paige Stewart

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