Green Owl is taking flight

Fulton, Mo -October 22, 2014- The first official meeting of Green Owl Productions was a success. The organization meet together at 12:00 pm on October 17th to discuss the goals of the group. The first thing we decided was to begin designing and producing flyers and a demo reel from the members of the group that we can showcase when we go to businesses and companies in order to try and gain more clientele. The second thing we decided to do, was to break out of our comfort zone and to really reach out to all kinds of businesses and companies and not to limit ourselves to Fulton. We want to reach out and find people who may have a need or want to have something filmed/produced and let them put that trust in us to get the job done. The 3rd item we discussed was that we have a client out in California who wants to start sending us some of his raw footage and for us to edit and produce his work for him. We spent some time determining how much we would charge for our services and we decided that we would work for $25-$100 dollars per hour depending on the client, workload, and task at hand. Not only are we able to produce film, but we are equipped to do audio, photoshop, and other design techniques. Having said this, we also decided that members of the group would be better at focusing on their strongpoints.

The meeting was a success and we have another next Friday at 12:00 pm, in Kemper Arts to check out what we have come up with in regards to flyers and what businesses we have contacted. We will be working on creating a demo reel with our work next week (before Friday0 so that we have that handy to show our advisor.

I couldn’t be more excited to begin working on our projects and i hope you all reading are looking forward to seeing some of the results of our hard work. When we have the flyers made and demo reel constructed I will do my best to get that out to you all so you can see first hand the type of work we are capable of.

Take it easy, readers.

Paige Stewart

Contact me at


5 thoughts on “Green Owl is taking flight

  1. Sounds really cool! So how are you guys going to split that money? Or is it going to go back into the club? Looks like you all will be gaining some good experience for sure.


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